Free Online Hebrew Bible Resource!

I’ve been participating in the ETCBC (Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer) for a number of years now. If you’ve used any Hebrew text in Logos Bible software, you might know the ETCBC by its former name: WIVU (Werkgroep Informatica Vrije Universiteit). They are the ones responsible for the parsing of all of the Hebrew in the BHS.

Thanks to grant funding, those resources are now available on the internet, free to whoever would like to use them. They are available as part of the Bible Online Learner. Once you have selected a text, you have access to parsing and translation of each word in the text, including the verbs! If you look on the left side of the screen (you can also use your mobile phone for this site – the display works really well!), you’ll see a button that says “clause.” The options “type” and “indentation” are quite helpful, and they also give a glimpse into the research that I’ve done (I’ve focused on indentation). The Shebanq website shows the actual research of the ETCBC group and allows for doing one’s own searches on the text, although I haven’t entirely figured out how to use this interface.

As I figure this resource out, I’ll hopefully post about what I find. Hopefully I’ll also update this website with some of my reflections on the Bible that I’ve posted on my personal blog.

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