Dial-up as inconducive to academic endeavours

In the last few weeks, I’ve travelled around quite a lot: taking some time to rest, visiting friends and family, networking with other theological folk, and helping out with the community I’m a part of. It was enjoyable but a bit overwhelming at times (of course, adding a move from a mostly furnitured apartment to a non-furnished apartment this week and next hasn’t helped with keeping things less overhwelming!). And much of this travelling and busy-ness has been done without a lot of internet connections – and when there was a connection, half the time it was dial-up.

On the one hand, such a break is conducive for academic endeavours. It gives time to take a break from regular life and get renewed energy to go back to thoughts with which I’d grown tired or frustrated. It also gives opportunity to find new insights to problems. On the other hand, such a break is not so conducive to academic endeavors, especially if it involves quite a bit of travel like my breaks often can. If you ask me, an ideal break includes lots of time to read and think – certainly a good degree of social fun should be included somewhere – but as an introvert, a break without lots of time to reflect and think is an incomplete one. and since the internet is a helpful tool for me to think – to hear other’s thoughts, to do some checking and researching of my own, and to reflect via commenting and blogging – having a mediocre internet connection meant that this kind of thinking was difficult. And thus I feel like it was only half a break – a break that wants another break so that I can have more time to reflect.

I’m thankful to return to my normal life, where I’ve worked hard to carve out time to reflect. And I hope soon to get more of the thoughts stewing in my head out somewhere on paper/screen.


One thought on “Dial-up as inconducive to academic endeavours

  1. Hey Brenda!

    I understand the feeling of needing a break. Now that I’ve graduated from college as of May 2008, I am a working adult. The term sometimes makes me shudder! I like the fact that I have the weekends off now, though, as homework and papers are not filling my time. And then again sometimes the two days away only make it harder to come back. There’s finally a routine to my life, but at times I’m still looking for ways to escape.

    I’m sorry you only got your half break. 😦 Keep reflecting! Wow, I need to do that more… 🙂

    Hannah Miller
    check out my blog! hmiller1234 or email me! hmiller@copper.net

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