Joining in the Conversation

The desire to join in the conversation has been a desire of mine for a long while. The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote in the 20 Sept 2004 edition of the Kerux, the student newspaper of Calvin Theological Seminary. Although the conversation partners are slightly different, the desire is the same.

“Writing and being published was one of the things I figured would have to do if I ever wanted to be considered an academic. It was a sign of prestige and achieving an appropriate level of accomplishment, but definitely not something one would do for ‘fun’. When I realized that my friend sent in stuff to magazines for no academic reason, I was puzzled. She said that she could not help it: there was a conversation happening around her and she wanted to be part of it. Being published was the only way that she could join in the conversation. It has been over six months since she told me that, and it has stayed with me. I know that there has been much conversation going on around me here at Seminary, but it only recently occurred to me that I have something to share in the conversation, even if I’ve been around here longer than most people get to be. I usually oscillate between having the audacity that everyone obviously wants to hear my opinion, and being surprised that people might actually read this. ….
Editing this paper is a way of not just joining the conversation, but of acknowledging the conversation already happening around us, and encouraging others to join in….”

I expect this conversation will be a bit different – and my voice in it a little less confident. But I’m content now just getting to join in.


2 thoughts on “Joining in the Conversation

    1. Thanks for the welcome! And I’ll make sure I check out your blog; it might take me some time to comment, but it will come 🙂

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