Publish or Perish

Publish or perish is how it works in academics. If you are not joining in the conversation related to your academic expertise, then it’s likely that you’re not striving to grow and develop your own ideas in relation to others in your field. And this often leads to boring teaching and mediocre research. It is, of course, possible to develop in areas that are not immediately publishable, like developing one’s teaching abilities, laying the ground for certain research, participating in committees and study groups, etc. And this, I believe, is also good; however, at a certain point, one should return to the conversation in one’s academic field.

And it is time for me to join via this blog, with the hope that this will help me to develop further my thoughts on the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, Hebrew syntax, Old Testament theology, methodologies, and hearing and reading the Bible. By posting regularly and interacting with others in the blogosphere, I hope to find further inspiration and motivation (and a bit of accountability) in growing in my academic field. I study these things because I find them fascinating and intriguing, while also hoping that what I learn and share will be a blessing to others and the church proper.

I am starting off a bit slowly, borrowing some things from what I’ve already written. And it might be some time before I start shouting from the mountaintops concerning this biblioblog. I do, after all, want to feel that I have something worth saying before I shout it too loudly.


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